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Sell Us Your Books

Fuji Antiquarian Books is an online bookstore in Akita and we are always interested in acquiring old books, scholarly books, rare Western works on Japan and first editions of comparable quality.

We also buy recent bestsellers, collections , whole libraries, used LP’s, CD’s and audiobooks on CD.


We offer competitive prices and pay promptly. All books and items must be evaluated to accurately assess their resale value. This is based on a combination of what we know we can sell items online and the market value. We are very particular about condition. We will not pay until we have examined them. We are unable to offer estimates over the phone.


Please send us an email for an evaluation with pictures with title, author, publisher, and edition. If you like our bid, just send the books to us (we'll bear the cost of shipping) and receive payment via PayPal.

For substantial and more valuable libraries, we may be able to send our truck or van to pack and pick up your books.


We require a valid form of ID and proof of address to proceed with payment.

Fuji Antiquarian Books

59-10 Nakahadachi, Yashafukuro, Hachirogata, Minami Akita-gun, Akita 018-1606 Japan



*Please note: Unless a book is exceedingly rare, we will only buy books in very good or better condition. Most books we reject are in poor condition, smell,musty or moldy, are from the house of a heavy smoker, or were stored in an outdoor storage unit.

We need to   know:

・The author’s name

・The title exactly as it appears on the printed title page(inside the book, not on the front cover)

・The place of publication, name of publisher, and date if any

・The binding(leather, boards, cloth, dust jacket, etc.)

・Any major defects(torn leaves, stains, broken joints, etc.)


Please provide the information. We will contact you later.

Thank you for sending

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